Outgoing IVR

Outgoing IVR


SmartCall makes it possible not only to communicate voice information to your client, but also to get feedback from him by pressing buttons on the phone or using speech recognition.

Each answer must be recorded and structured by category. Depth of answers and service logic can be any.

It depends on the answer of the subscriber what the system does next, the following actions are possible:

  • pronunciation of the next speech
  • sending a message to the subscriber (sms, messengers) with the necessary text with the possibility of using variables
  • call transfer to contact center
  • interaction with the subscribers personal account (debit /transfer of funds)
  • transfer of information to the customers external databases
  • end of conversation
Voice mailing

The system makes calls to phone numbers, and pronounces your message.

You can send both sound files and voice synthesis from text (text2speech). Formation of personal messages, depending on the subscriber data, as well as sending information structured using the IVR menu, transferring a call to a contact center, etc.

Confirmed Service Notifications

Sending voice notifications with the possibility of repeating information at the request of the subscriber or providing additional information to the subscriber

Questioning and quality control of service

The system makes calls to subscribers' numbers, asks them questions and asks them to answer by pressing the phones keys or recognizing voice responses. As a thank you, the subscribers who passed the survey can be automatically sent an SMS with a link to the free content or promotional code.

Information Services

Section selection: news, weather, TV program, horoscopes, exchange rates, psychological tests, etc., receiving the requested information via SMS, etc.