Benefits of work with MessageCenter

Benefits of work with MessageCenter

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About the platform and possibilities

The platform is a single software and hardware complex, on the basis of which the Company's services are provided: sending / receiving SMS messages, Messaging messengers, Social networks, Email and Voice).

The platform is the Company's own development.
Each client is registered with the Personal Area on the Platform. In the Personal Area, the client uses services, it carries out tariffing and statistics of the client's services, reports are generated for each service.

Platform Architecture

The platform is a geographically distributed cluster of servers located in data centers of a high reliability category.

The level of availability of the service is not less than 99,972%. The level of service availability characterizes the service time of the service without interruption. Servers are connected to each other in a single network using secure connections and synchronized, which ensures the security and safety of data.

OMNI channel

The developed service makes it possible to use all communication channels through one platform, one personal cabinet, one single API, comprehensively solving the task of informing. The system sends messages through channels in accordance with their priority, automatically determines the availability of the channel for the subscriber and controls the status of delivery to the phone. In case of non-delivery, at the same time will send a message through another channel, which ensures 100% timely delivery of messages within a specified period of time and cost savings.

Prioritize messages

The platform allows you to set different priorities for each client in the speed of delivery of messages.

There is also a strict separation of the communication channels used for the delivery of transactional messages (2-10 seconds) and traffic of an advertising nature (up to 60 million messages a day). This ensures a stable high speed of delivery of transactional messages, regardless of the overall load on the platform.


Flexible configuration of the routing of sending messages, allows for each client connection.

For different sending directions, configure your primary and backup routes for each sending channel and type of traffic.

Load balancing and fault tolerance

Automatic balancing of the load between the sending channels ensures the most efficient work with message queues for skipping the maximum amount of traffic. In the event of a complete or partial failure of the providers, the systems for auto-switching traffic to the backup channels are triggered.

Global Coverage

Implemented more than 40 direct connections to operators and SMS-hubs around the world.

Implemented more than 40 direct connections to operators and SMS-hubs around the world. All used connections for message delivery are carried out only through direct connections of active active members of the GSM association. In addition to direct connections to telecom operators, the company also has its own hardware complexes for sending SMS.


Security and Protection of Information

Sending messages occurs using encryption via HTTP (s) or VPN connections. All transmitted data is stored in an encrypted form in data centers of the highest security category. In addition, there is a restriction on the availability of services via the white lists of the customer's IP addresses.