Voice newsletters

Voice newsletters


This function allows us to receive text from the Customer in the form of a normal SMS via the popular SMPP, HTTP protocols, and at the output, the subscriber will receive an outgoing call to the subscriber and play the text of the message with the voice of popular speech synthesizers.

The following applications are most popular:
  1. Two-factor authentication.
  2. Sending an SMS to the recipient, and in case of non-delivery, for example, if the subscriber blocks the SMS receiving function, sending an outgoing voice call.
  3. Optimization of the cost of sending, in some cases, an outgoing call is much cheaper than the cost of sending an SMS message, so you can select the autoinformer as the priority channel. In case the subscriber doesnt pick up the phone or drops off having listened to less than necessary, an ordinary SMS can be sent to him.
  4. Use as an emergency alert channel.
synthesizer features
  • Adjustable pronunciation rate
  • Custom dialing number
  • Pause between dialing attempts
  • Response time
  • Voice type: Male or Female
  • Emotionality: Neutral, Joyful, Annoyed
  • High quality and natural sound on free text
  • Accounting for phonetic, morphological and grammatical features of the Russian language
  • Natural intonation cloning technology
  • Correct placement of stresses
  • Proper interpretation of abbreviations, numbers, abbreviations and special characters
  • Ease of use and deployment
Job Options
  • Personal Account
  • API documentation (SIP, SMPP, HTTP, XML, SOAP)